Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Im addicted to Dr. House

I don't know about you but i find that a mans mind can be way more attractive than his body. There is something wrong with my heart and this doctor is the only one with the cure. I also find his addictive personality very intriguing. I would make sure he never thought about vicodin ever again!


  1. Maybe Dr. House has a remedy to help you take care of that addiction!

  2. If Doctor House were a rapper, Laura, then this is the rap he would rap 2 you:

    "On the counter prescriptions!
    You like my diction,
    and my Doctor-Nurse conventions.
    I place the stethoscope quite close to your tittie,
    And have yo butt checks Red-man like Uncle Quilly"

    Uncle Quilly!

    [ignores her]


    Ga... whatchu want now, girl?

    I want a quarter...