Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cute Boys Who Live Next Door: Installment 1

With so many cute boy neighbors in movies and television, it's nearly impossible to fit them all in one post. Cute Boys Who Live Next Door will be done in installments to prevent a cute boy overload!

Who could forget Sam, the original cute-boy-next-door on "Clarissa Explains It All." Sean O'Neal frequented Melissa Joan Hart's bedroom by ladder in nearly every episode. Though Sean never made a mark in showbiz, his mushroom cut and ripped jeans will forever be imprinted on our hearts. I wish this CBND would stop climbing into my dreams.

Speaking of that lucky dog Melissa Joan Hart... she got to share a tree house with scuzzy neighbor-turned sexy fake boyfriend Adrian Grenier in the 1999 classic Drive Me Crazy. With scruff like that, it's no wonder MJH was driven crazy.

Christian Bale as Laurie in Little Women sent our hearts aflutter with that spitty kiss he shared with Winona Ryder. If Laurie was my neighbor, I would have traded all my fashionable limes for binoculars!

The Boy Next Door- Emile Hirsch rocked the dorky teen look in The Girl Next Door so well that it wasn't hard to believe that he could score a porn star. I've never seen tighty whities look so fine.

I saved my personal favorite CBND of all time for last. Bret Harrison may have played pesky neighbor Brad O'Keefe on "Grounded for Life," but this hottie is no Kimmy Gibbler. If he was over at my house, I'd never let him get away.


  1. I'd trade all the fashionable limes in the world for any of these boys to move in next door!!!