Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Cute Boy and a new version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl

So, I'm not a fan of Mia Wasikowska or the stock Manic Pixie Dream Girl, but the boy is cute and I could see him doing more in the future. Sad funeral-crashing boy is played by Henry Hopper (aka the new, prettier, blonder Zach Braff), who is the son of acting legend Dennis Hopper (seriously, he's been in over 200 films). The film is directed by Gus Van Sant.


  1. P.S. You should totally watch Butterflies Are Free, which features one of the first Manic Pixie Dream Girls, played by Goldie Hawn. Despite that fact, awesome film, based on a play, and what's not to love about 1970s Goldie?

  2. Kate, he is hot. Also, you talk about girls a lot on cbwlm.

  3. Oh, oops. I guess that was overflow from my other blog, Cute Girls Who I Love. Sorry!