Monday, May 24, 2010

De mannen van Zwartboek (The Men of Black Book)

While subtitles and Nazis have previously prevented you from watching this with me, I hope that this post will alert you to all the cuteness you have been missing. There are many handsome Dutchmen in this fantastic flick. Also, it's pretty damn exciting.

First up we have Michiel Huisman and Carice van Houten.
(She's a spy! Not yet, though. She still needs to dye her hair.)

Ok good, now her hair is perfect for spying. What's that? Were you wondering about that sexy Nazi who is watching her walk away?

No need to worry, it's just Sebastian Koch. Which picture do you prefer? I can't decide.

Are these the bad guys or the good guys? I know, it's hard to tell. One thing I can tell you is that the man in front is named Thom Hoffman. I thought he was an American. That is, however, quite untrue.

I know that the name of this blog is Cute Boys Who Love Me!, but this was such a cool image that included it anyway. I think I forgot to tell you that she was a singing spy. That's right. A singing spy!


  1. You bring something to the table that only you could. And that, of course, is Nazis and girls.
    Love you!

  2. I've decided this post is personally addressed to me.
    Nazis should not be romanticized.
    Unrelatedly, her hair is awesome.

  3. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so insensitive... but then, I remember that I lack the sensitivity to notice that I'm being insensitive, and I feel much better.

  4. kate's trying to morph the site into cute girls who love her