Sunday, May 23, 2010

Never Let Go

For all cute boy lovers, our first viewing of Titanic will forever be remembered as the day our young hearts learned that love can indeed touch us one time and last for a lifetime.  

Leo became not only King of the World, but King of our Hearts, which we knew could never go on to find anyone as dreamy as the dashing Jack Dawson.
Throughout all this time, this dreamboat has never hit an iceberg, but over the next twelve years of monthly screenings (a large but worthwhile and highly recommended time commitment) something pretty zany began to happen... 


Villany hasn't looked this good before or since Cal Hockley.  Even as I watched him do everything within his tall, dark and well-dressed powers to destroy our hottie hero, I started to see and feel Billy Zane in my dreams.

It turns out there can be two Heartthrobs of the Ocean!

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