Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It's no secret that we love, love, love James Franco, one of our most well-balanced man candies, but it's important not to forget about his up-and-coming baby bro, Dave Franco.

This studly sibling has been on my radar since he joined big brother in a series of Funny Or Die videos a couple of years ago and has been steaming up the small screen in some minor tv roles in years since.
But Christmas is coming early this year and Davey will be featured alongside none other than Zac Efron in this summer's cute boy blockbuster Charlie St. Cloud.  Franco is friend to a brooding Charlie, played by the irresistible Efron.  My how he's grown!

PS: It seems Z has his own little brother, Dylan Efron.  We'd better throw this little guppy back in the water for another couple of years!


  1. don't throw him back, I want that little guppy now!

  2. also, lil franco reminds me of another lil brother i know..

  3. uh oh which one!
    on another note, remember not to count your efrons before they've hatched!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that zac was spotted looking quite good in Hawaii yesterday shirtless with his brother but alas the pictures have already been removed

  5. this is why we screenshot, kirsten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!