Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letters to Juliet Makes Me Grin (And Then Grimace with Embarrassment)

I'm such a girl.

Believe me, it's true.

I like girly things, like pretty white dresses, velvet, lace, and high heels. I also have a weakness for thoroughly trite and formulaic chick flicks. Letters to Juliet (a new romantic comedy in theaters), is one such movie. It won't be mind-altering, but I still want to see it. Why? Boys.

Boys like Christopher Egan, an up-and-coming Australian actor with pretty, (squinty) blue eyes.

Do you like him? He looks nice and sincere, and since we'll probably never meet him, that's true enough.

Also, Letters to Juliet includes the devilishly sexy Mexican actor, Gael Garcia Bernal. Here, he is not on a motorcycle, but still hot and convincingly boyish.

Yes, Yes.

Mmm, Gael Garcia Bernal, trilingual dark haired boy... Come here.

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