Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cute Boys Who Love "Pretty Little Liars"

"Pretty Little Liars" is this summer's sizzling & scandalous new show.
Here's what you have to look forward to when you tune in each week.

This is Ezra Fitz played by Ian Harding. He's the sexy English teacher who may or may not be having an affair with Aria, one of the show's main characters. (Did I mention he's a high school teacher and that the four main characters are students?)

This is Wren played by London native Julian Morris. He's the fiance
of Spencer's older sister and has a wandering eye that doesn't stray far from his
future wife's family.

Bryce Johnson plays Officer Darren Wilden. Hannah's mom is playing this cop to get her daughter out of a five-finger discount dilemma. As the relationship progresses Hannah's mom begins to learn that Darren is investigating the murder of ex-queen bee, Alison, and that it could be him that is playing her.

Sean is Hannah's boyfriend played by Chuck Hittinger. This cute boy-next-door finds himself in
trouble when he refuses to put out. Did I mention he's the son of a preacher? Maybe that has
something to do with it.

Steven Krueger plays Ben, Emily's jock bf. He wants his relationship with Em to move
to the next level, but she seems to be losing interest. She'd rather devote her time
to her new "friend" Maya. It's okay though, because he turns out to be a douche anyway.

This is Keegan Allen who plays Toby Cavanaugh. He was away at reform school for a while, but now he's back to stir up some trouble, at least that's what we are meant to think right now.

And finally, this character. I'm not really sure who he is, but he's really sexy and his lurking in the shadows at parties is meant to be creepy, but I find it kind of hot. Hopefully, we'll learn more about this mystery man soon.

Well, those are the cute boys who love the "Pretty Little Liars". Check it out Tuesdays at 8 on ABC family. If you already watch it, don't be embarrassed because it is awesome! -L


  1. I am sadly watching this show... It is pretty juicy. I'm usually all about the student-teacher relationships, but here it seems kind of wrong. High school girls have the maturity of a house fly, yet Aria is portrayed as stable and worldly, and thus it's ok. Ew. However, Teacher is still pretty hot.

    I think I like Chuck Hittinger best. Probably because he's playing so hard to get.

  2. Agreed, the relationship is real messed up. HOWEVER, also agreed, the teacher is really hot. He's an idiot though, for ever thinking she was older than 18. It seems unrealistic, so does her maturity.

    One more thing, don't feel embarrassed for watching this show cus it is awesome!

  3. This is my summer obsession.
    Teacher is, in fact, the hottest and one of the creepiest.
    The second hottest and creepiest is Spencer's man. Obviously in part because of the accent and he's so nice to her! He totally gets her! (Creepy because he's engaged to her sister and she's in high school.)

  4. I feel like Spencer's story could be Susanne's. What would Suse do? Would she go for Wren, knowing it would hurt her sister, or would she fight her feelings and end up with a broken heart? Remember, A's watching her every move!

  5. Oh, Susanne. What to choose?

  6. are you sure that last guy's even on the show?

  7. i looked into it before i made the post, he's not a major character yet. i thought he was lurky boy, but he's not he's coming soon boy

  8. Oh! I know who is the last guy :)
    His name is Diego González, he's from Mexico if you are asking yourself :)
    amm... he's an actor and singer, oh! & he sings with Miranda Cosgrove... btw, I'm from Mexico and that's why i know him haha
    Here ---> --- a page with some info.

  9. we need a new pretty little liars post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!