Monday, June 21, 2010

Trust him, he's the Doctor.

For my boy-blogging debut here's a photo of one of my favorite hotties holding an adorable kitten.

Who is this beautiful man? That's exactly who, this is scottish actor David Tennant and he first caught my eye, and my heart, while portraying the tenth incarnation of "The Doctor" on BBCs famous scifi tv show Doctor Who.

With that smile, who wouldn't be his companion?


  1. you definitely added some extra spice on here!

  2. guys have done some serious work on this! it looks great!

  3. Susanne's comment really does it for me. Also, all four of the pictures show a different side of Doctor Who. I especially like the wallpaper in number three.

  4. gosh, kate always says it right. i agree.. the wallpaper really adds to the intrigue.