Saturday, December 29, 2012

Les Adorables

Sad, dirty, skinny people singing and dying for 187 minutes = cute boy goldmine? You'd be surprised.

Jean Valjean: If you are die-hard Hugh Jackman fan and think that age and BMI are just numbers.

Marius: If you're into Eddie Redmayne's boyish charm and sensitive rich kid ways. 


Enjolras: If you were more interested in Marius' french-flag-waving-friend played by Aaron Tveit, then you are not alone.  There's just something about a man who is too busy saving the world to fall in love and would be more likely to sing about A Heart Full of Blood.

But wait!  Wouldn't you recognize that face anywhere, even under all those bouncy curls?  It's Aaron Tveit aka William "Tripp" van der Bilt III aka Nate's cousin! Instead of abandoning girls in car wrecks, however, he is leading a revolution and has never looked better.  With many a Playbill under his belt Aaron can bring down the house while putting up a barricade AND looking very masculine in fairly feminine clothing.

You know my pick, who's yours?

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