Friday, July 23, 2010

Am I Dreaming?

If you were locked in a dimly lit room for two hours with a boy, you would want that boy to be cute, wouldn't you?  Naturally this applies to movie boys, as well.  If I'm looking for a compelling story,  I just go to my local library and save myself the $9.50; at the movies I say "bring on the cute boys, plot-lines be damned!"

When I found out that not 1, not 2, but 3 of my own personal cutie stars were going to be in Christopher Nolan's summer blockbuster, Inception, I was sold even though the trailer made basically no sense to me.

Well boy, did I get my money's worth!  Not only was the movie actually really good but-!boy bonus!- creepy cutie Cillian Murphy also joined the cast as the man the team has to trick, Robert Fischer Jr..

Then there's Leo as team leader Cobb, a crazy man who just wants his kids back.

Tommy was Eames the imitator, who spent many parts of the film as not a cute boy.

Who was the cutest? 

JGL as Arthur!!! Not only did he play the funniest and coolest, but baby Joey suited up, smiled and secured a place as the least crazy person on the whole team. Congratulations, Cutie!

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  1. Cillian Murphy creepy cutie !boy bonus! indeed! What a pleasant surprise that was.